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Buying car insurance – Dos and Don’ts

Most of them buy a car insurance for namesake without even checking details that are associated with that policy. This will have a bigger impact while claiming the policy which will turn out to be a disappointment for the policyholders. So there are certain things that need to be checked before buying a car insurance in UAE.

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Dos while purchasing a car insurance in UAE

1. Do understand your affordability

You should understand how much you can afford. Not understanding affordability and picking a car insurance cover can lead to a big chaos while paying monthly premiums. Even though costly policies provide higher benefits, that can affect you financially if you are not able to fit in your monthly expenses. You must get a cover that fits your monthly budget and also providing good coverage equally. Don’t go beyond your budget and put yourself into a mess. 

2. Do check benefits provided

Apart from the cost of the policy, it is important to check the privileges provided. List down what all you are looking in a policy. Look for policies that fit your requirements. Check the add-ons/benefits provided. Make sure you don’t get a basic policy that provides no benefits while claiming. Make sure there are no loopholes involved which can affect you while claiming the coverage.

3. Do compare various products

This is a mandatory step while purchasing a car insurance. There are various companies providing various types of policies available in the market. Filter different products according to the budget and benefits. Compare car insurance products and make the best deal out of it.  

Don’ts while purchasing a car insurance in UAE

1. Don’t go for a basic policy  

Never pick a car insurance policy as you have to. That will affect you while claiming for the coverage. Usually, basic policies provide less coverage with very few benefits. During uncertain situations, the basic policy you have may not cover what you require, this can badly affect you financially. So understand your budget and requirements and pick the best one.  

2. Don’t skip Terms and Conditions

Most of us agree to the terms and conditions without even reading it. But that is where most of the things are mentioned. You must go through each and every line of T&C. This will make you understand what your policy actually covers and what are the conditions involved while claiming the policy.

3. Don’t forget to renew it on time

You must renew your car insurance policy on time. Driving a car with an expired insurance is illegal. But before renewing your existing policy you must review it. Check whether there are any new policies available that fit your budget and covers your requirements. If you can make a better deal get a new policy than renewing the previous one.

Like any other insurance, car insurance should be given an equal importance. As your vehicle would be one of the expensive purchases you will ever make and insuring will not only protect it but also protects you without digging a hole in your pocket during mishappenings.

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