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How to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is about having enough money and financial support for every action. It does not depend on other’s income. It is about having self- income. The person should be able to take care of his interest or expenses without the help of others and should be independent financially. A person should have a passive income source as well to achieve financial freedom. It means the person should have financial support even during unemployment.

There are many strategies one can use for their financial freedom. There are some benefits and disadvantages as well. In order to achieve financial freedom, one should know about the expenses, income, and savings. Having information about this can lead to saving more money than ever. And the unwanted expenditure also can be reduced when compared to the earlier years. Having a detailed knowledge of your cash flow can help you achieve financial freedom. This article gives an idea about steps to achieve financial freedom in the UAE ( United Arab Emirates).

Steps to gain financial freedom in the UAE

Emergency savings

Emergency savings means having a minimum amount as a deposit to use in an emergency.  A lot of people do not have the required money for an emergency. This will make the situation more negative for a person. This can put them in a situation to borrow money from money lenders or friends. So the person who wants to survive in the UAE should save a minimum three-month salary for the emergency. They can face any condition related to financial issues.  So the emergency savings are very much significant to a person who wants to get financial freedom.

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Financial plan

Financial plans are used to know the level of a person in the financial strategy. With the help of financial plans, a person can have good financial support. Whenever they reduce the excess expenses, they increase their chances of having financial support every time. The person can improve the level of financial statements with the help of correct financial planning. Through financial planning, one can analyse the income, expenses, and savings of a particular person. From this, they can improve the strategy of their economic conditions. Hence it is necessary to have perfect financial planning.

Budget plan

Making a budget plan is mandatory for every individual. It helps one in knowing where the excess expenditure is going. Doing that they can prevent the expenses on several things. All the family members should make the budget plan for a family. Then only they can know the whole expenses and can reduce the level of expenditures. To make a budget plan, one should jot down their monthly income and expenses i.e outgoing cash. Then the next step will be deciding how to cut the unnecessary expenses and make profitable savings plan followed by allotment of money for monthly regular expenses.  This could help a person to have control over money before the expenses control them. So it also helps to get financial freedom and stay independent.

Saving first

Most of the people have an idea to save money. And they have a well-planned budget and financial plan. But they can’t keep up to the plan. Some unnecessary expenses always occur. So they can’t save the money for an emergency purpose or future uses. Therefore the person who wants to save money like the plan they made, they should save the money first and then spend on their regular expenses. This will help the person to save money and manage the expenses as per the budget plan or the financial plan they made. They can save money through any investment also. This can help in future purposes.

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Money in liquidity can easily be spent. The person who wants to save money and get a profit can invest in any of the profit-giving investments like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, property, and so on. A person who wants to invest should know all the details about investment planning. If they don’t have proper knowledge about investments, it is better to avoid such investment schemes. But for the person who has proper knowledge about investment methods, it is an effortless way to get a profit and financial freedom.

While investing in some investments like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and property, the person should not invest all the money in one single investment method. Because these investments tend to fluctuate according to the market conditions and the country’s money value. So diversifying investments is advisable as, if one investment is in a loss, another one will help to boost up the financial conditions. The single investment of money gives higher profit sometimes, but sometimes it provides a heavy loss to the person. The money invested in several things can help in difficult situations when there is a loss from an investment. So it is necessary to invest the liquidity of money by diversifying it to face any financial situations blindly and to avoid financial loss.

Do not borrow

If a person wants to spend on an impulsive purchase, it is necessary to keep in mind that you should never borrow money. Because the money borrowed is paid with high interest. When the interest rate goes higher than the borrowed money, it will create a critical situation.  Before borrowing the money from any bank, take clarity of vision about when you can repay the amount and what is the interest rate charged on the money you borrow along with the additional fees and charges levied. Most of the time, savings will help to prevent borrowing. This also helps to gain financial independence.

These are the things that one should keep in mind to get financial freedom. Having a proper plan and taking financial decisions after analysing each and every aspect will help a person in achieving financial freedom.

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I'm a finance writer and solo-business blogger who loves to write about fin-tech tools and how to save money and keep a budget. With a passion for investing in equity and mutual funds. An alumnus of Magadh university, I am presently continuing my studies in Financial Management.

I'm a finance writer and solo-business blogger who loves to write about fin-tech tools and how to save money and keep a budget. With a passion for investing in equity and mutual funds. An alumnus of Magadh university, I am presently continuing my studies in Financial Management.


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