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Top Travel Insurance Policies in UAE

When we travel outside our home country, we always look forward to the fun memories that we are about to make, to the picturesque sceneries and to many more amazing activities. With fun, comes a lot of uncertainties that could ruin everything that we look forward to. Hence, to avoid anything that would come between you and your travel expeditions, you need the right travel insurance to keep you protected and safe.

While choosing the right travel insurance, it might get a bit cumbersome for you to decide amongst the best policies available in your country. To make it a bit easier for you to take the right decision, we have come up with a list to help you find out which is the right travel policy for you:

AIG Travel Insurance

AIG Travel insurance also known as ‘Travel guard’ is an all-inclusive insurance, that takes care of all the needs of travelers traveling worldwide. This insurance justifies everything to what it offers, and it includes many perks like hazardous sports and terrorism extension, medical evacuation, trip cancellation or curtailment and trip delay. You can get an access to all the insurance products anywhere around the world.

Why AIG? Following are the reasons that might help you decide why you must take up AIG ‘Travel guide’:

  • You can purchase your travel insurance online, without waiting for hours and days.
  • You can avail global assistance service in America, Europe, and Asia at any hour of the day and week.
  • You can avail emergency assistance in your home language.
  • There is a dedicated travel team, which will help you attain your claims and provide services to you.
  • AIG adheres to ‘worldwide protection policy’ for travel.
  • AIG has a very simple process to avail your claims.

Following are the benefits that AIG provides to all the travelers aiming for a travel insurance, that could suffice all their needs:

  1. AIG ‘Travel guide’ helps you provide transportation by sea or land to transfer the patient from one location to another.
  2. With ‘trip curtailment benefit’, you can claim for the ticket or the hotel cancellation fee.
  3. If your flight gets delayed for more than four hours straight, all the expenses related to food and hotel will be cover by your travel insurance.
  4. If your luggage doesn’t arrive at your final location, your insurance will pay for all the expenses of new clothing and toiletries that you would want to purchase.
  5. This insurance also covers your dental expenses.

To know more about AIG’s travel insurance, please visit their website

Qatar Insurance Company Travel Insurance

Whenever you plan a holiday, you can always think of QIC to be your confidant, when it comes to travel insurance. QIC has proved to be the right choice for many travelers around the world and makes sure that you and your trip stay hassle free. QIC Travel Insurance includes travel care plus, trip cancellation or curtailment and medical expenses. You can avail 10% discount when you avail your travel insurance policy from the website.

Following are the recommendations, for QIC travel insurance policy:

  • You can avail an extended cover for winter sports, Terrorists hijack, and medical expenses.
  • You also get a special discount on online purchase.
  • With travel care plus, you can avail an insurance policy for USA, Canada as well as countries which take Schengen Visas.
  • This insurance also covers for loss of baggage, loss of passport and other travel inconveniences.

To know more about Qatar Insurance company’s Travel Insurance, visit the website

Metlife Travel Insurance

Metlife insurance provides its travel insurance all around the world, and has proved itself to be one of the top insurance providers in the world:

Following are the benefits that you can avail with Metlife:

  • This insurance is very affordable, especially for families who are traveling around the world. This insurance provides cover for 6 children in a family.
  • You can avail how many ever trips with your family in a year with this insurance policy.
  • You can avail various travel plans like Hajj, Schengen, and Umrah.
  • You can get yourself protected from:
  1. Cases of personal liability
  2. In the case of accidental loss of life
  3. In the case of permanent disability
  4. Body repatriation
  5. Dental care and health
  6. In the case of emergency travel back home
  7. Hospitalization and medical expenses

To know more about plans that deem fit your travel needs, visit the website

HSBC Travel Insurance

With HSBC travel insurance, you can avail two types of plans:

  • Travel Smart: This insurance covers you for any travel or medical inconvenience, and makes sure that you have a hassle-free trip.
  • Travel Schengen: This plan will ensure you for a Visa to a Schengen country.

You can avail the following benefits with this insurance:

  • You can get help during any medical emergency.
  • Avail immediate transportation at the time of an emergency
  • Get your cost of first aid covered by this insurance
  • Avail your claim, when you lose your baggage.
  • You can get legal assistance  during your travel
  • Get help during the loss of your passport

To know more about this insurance policy, visit the website

Union Insurance

This insurance is designed according to your travel needs. It covers both single and annual trips and makes sure that nothing comes in the way of you and your travel.

You can avail the following benefits with this insurance:

  • Get covered for golf equipment and various winter sports during your travel expedition
  • Get covered for the loss of passport and luggage.
  • Avail protection during an accident.
  • Avail emergency medical assistance.
  • Get covered for the loss or damage of mobile or laptop or both.
  • Get medical help for any ailments.

To know more about this insurance, visit the website

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz travel insurance is designed according to two broad categories:

  1. Single trip travel insurance: This insurance is designed specifically for people who travel at least once or twice a year. This insurance is designed for thirty or more than 30-year-old individuals. Following are the benefits that you can avail of this insurance:
    • Avail emergency medical help as and when required.
    • You can get repatriation of remains to your home country.
    • Get yourself evacuated immediately with this insurance.
    • Get cash for your hospital expenses.
    • You can get your family or relative traveled in the hour of need to your destination.
    • This insurance also provides cover for the loss of important documents.
    • Get cover for your valuables like mobile
  2. Multi travel Insurance: This insurance is designed specifically for people who travel regularly, and are looking for a convenient and costless insurance. The benefits of this insurance are same as single trip insurance.

To know more about this insurance, visit the website

Oman Insurance Company

This insurance provides insurance for all types of trips like business trips, family trips, and individual trips. Following are the benefits when you avail this insurance:

  • Avail help at the time of loss of your passport
  • You can avail your claim at the time of cancellation of your flight.
  • You can lodge a complaint if you are facing a problem when it comes to Schengen visa.
  • Avail help during an accident and claim your medical expenses at the same time.

To know more about the plans and insurance, visit the website

Above mentioned Travel insurance policies are few of the best insurance policies that you can find in UAE. In the end, all we want to say is travel to your heart’s content and be safe and protected.

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