5 Car Insurance Add-ons that are most required

Car Insurance add-ons are the additional covers that are purchased along with the car insurance policy. To enjoy the extra benefits apart from the basic insurance, add-ons are selected. Insurance companies offer a pool of add-on services. The customer has to pay the extra money and purchase an add-on. Status Symbol Cars and SUV cars are the highest Insurance paying premium cars. Vehicle owners try to reduce the add-on services to reduce the burden, there are many services which are less required and some are most necessary add on services. In this article, we discuss the five insurance add-ons that are most required.

  1. Accidental Coverage
  2. Roadside Assistance
  3. Fire accident and Theft Cover
  4. Car agency repairs
  5. Engine protection

1. Accidental coverage

In case of an unforeseen event, the car and the personal belongings are protected under the Comprehensive car insurance. If you have a personal accident add-on cover, it gives protection against the physical injuries of the car owner. A certain fixed amount is paid out as add on to the insurance policyholder which is in line with the severity of the accident. This amount will help in paying out medical expenses and hospital bills. According to a survey, this add on service was the highest purchased add on service in the UAE. 

2. Roadside Assistance

Your comfortable travel journey can be interrupted because of a flat tyre, electrical fault, mechanical issue, or any other issue. In these cases, roadside assistance service that you select during the policy purchase will come to your rescue. Roadside assistance add-on service helps in the event of problems such as tyre puncture, out of fuel, car unlocking support, battery replacement, flat tyre and others. The insurance companies also provide on-call services to the insurance policyholders. 

There are few aspects that you should consider for roadside assistance such as the age of the vehicle, travel route and number of available vehicle services this will help in getting better advantage of this add on service.

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3. Fire accident and Theft Cover

It is an add on service that is offered by many insurance companies. It is the popular repair service that protects the car against any unforeseen fire damages or explosions and theft. As a part of third party insurance covers or comprehensive insurance plans, this add on service is provided by the insurance companies. To ensure protection against fire accident and theft, the policyholder should ask for this cover so that coverage is provided by the insurance company.

4. Car Agency repairs

The frequency of car repairs and the type of repairs increases the premium for the policyholder in the UAE. Car agency services are those repairs that are done in the car manufacturer workshop. Having this add-on service ensures that only genuine company’s original spare parts are replaced when you give your vehicle for servicing or repairs. 

‘Non agency repairs’ do not use the company’s spare parts and this will affect the vehicle performance and reduce the life of the vehicle in the long run. The market value of the car reduces by non-agency repairs. The online car insurance renewal in the UAE offer car owners up to 3 years of agency repairs and after the three years, it becomes an optional add on service.

5. Engine Protection

Engine is the heart of the car and it is very important to protect the engine. If you are investing your money on this add on service, you are increasing the life and providing protection to your engine. This kind of service is protection to the engine if there is leakage in the engine, water entering to the engine, damages to gearboxes, connecting boxes, damages due to hydrostatic locks and others. This add on service is not provided for old cars. 

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Importance of add on services

The add on services are very important since insurance policy provides only the basic coverage. Add on services provide additional services and additional protection to the car and its owner. Different customers have different requirements and accordingly, insurance companies provide different add on services. All the add on services are not required for all customers, according to the travel requirements, driving frequency and location the add on services can be selected by the customer. Add-on services reduce expenses and give safety to the customer. These services increase the life of the car and give comfort to the customer.


As the name indicates add-on services are additional services provided under the insurance policy. Each add-on service has the capability to protect your car and you when you need the best services. The car insurance can work providing you with the basic requirements but add on services work even more providing additional protection and save a lot of money. 

Add on services are optional services provided by insurance companies to reduce the damages and burden to policyholders. If you follow the best driving practises you can get the best use of car insurance in UAE and its add on services. Driving safely and regular service maintenance will increase the longevity of your car.

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