Critical illness cover helps an individual in an emergency situation when he/she gets affected by a serious illness which costs the patient a huge amount of money. At that instance, a patient would undergo a lot of mental stress if the funds are insufficient. This cover pays off your bills partially/completely which depends on the cover you opt.

Most of them think about money only after being affected by some disease which is not correct. It is advised to plan for the unanticipated circumstances in advance. Nowadays, critical illness cover is a must for everyone. The changes in the lifestyle and many other aspects including increasing stress levels is leading to dreadful diseases even at a younger age.

Critical illness covers most of the chronic diseases which totally depends on the company you get your insurance with. Here’s a list of a few companies providing Critical illness insurance in UAE.

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ADCB Critical Guard Insurance


  • ADCB Critical illness insurance covers 37 major illness
  • It provides cash up to AED 350,000 in a singular payment
  • No medical tests required
  • Can avail this cover worldwide


  • Age: 20 – 60 years
  • Minimum annual premium AED 550- AED 200(varies with the age)
  • Payment can be made annually or quarterly
  • Minimum term: 1 year

Oman Insurance Company Lifeplus


  • Covers 40 major illness
  • Provides minimum cash of AED 180,000


  • Age: 20-60 years
  • Payment can be made regularly or annually

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MetLife Critical Care


  • Lump sum payment up to AED 250,000
  • Covers 32 major diseases
  • Can avail the benefits worldwide


  • Age: 18 – 59 years
  • Minimum monthly premium of AED 700

First Gulf Bank Critical Illness


  • Covers all the major diseases
  • Can avail the huge amount of payment at the time of need
  • Avail benefits anywhere in the Middle East   


  • Age: 18-60 years
  • Term: 5-35 years(can be renewed if required)
  • Minimum monthly premium of AED 65

Mashreq Critical Illness Insurance


  • Covers more than 10 critical illness
  • Can avail up to AED 200,000 of coverage


  • Age: 18-59 years
  • Minimum monthly premium of Dh 19-Dh 166(depends on the age)
  • Monthly or annual payment



  • Covers 32 major illness
  • Covers 7 female major illness
  • Can get a lump sum amount of AED 25,000-AED 500,000
  • Can avail benefits anywhere, anytime
  • Cashback offers if premiums paid using RAKBank Credit Card


  • Age: 18-64 years
  • Payment frequency monthly/3 months/6 months/12 months

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Most of us tend to think nothing will happen to us. Being optimistic is good, but at the time of illness, this actually won’t work because at that time financial status worries us more. The best part of critical illness covers is that it is not just for medical bills or treatments. One can use the money for any purpose be it to clear loans, buy a house or car, school fees, start a business etc. It is not restricted for medical purpose. So your critical cover policy wouldn’t go in vain. It is useful in various ways at any point in time.

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