Group Health Insurance options in Dubai

As the name suggests, Group Health Insurance is an insurance provided to a group of employees working in an organization. Dubai Health Authority has made it compulsory for all companies/institutions/organizations to provide health insurance coverage to each and every individual working there. So most of the organizations provide health insurance for their workers which comes under the work benefits of that particular company. They provide a health insurance which covers illness and accidents.

Even insurance companies would be highly benefitted by this as there would be bulk policies registered. And getting a lot of policies would help the organizations get a cover for lower premium rates comparatively. The organization, employees and the insurance companies are mutually benefitted.

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Benefits of Group Health Insurance:

  • A group health insurance is not just provided to an employee but also to his/her family members i.e spouse, kids, and parents.
  • If an employee has family members who are dependent on him/her are eligible.  
  • Usually, insurance companies have an age limit i.e 18-60 years mostly for new applicants but in a group insurance, an employee can include household members from 3 months – 80 years.
  • Can avail the benefits anytime so employees who are not well or need any medication can get treated immediately.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations on the group insurance cover, whereas, on the regular health insurance, the policyholder can’t avail all the benefits; only a few facilities like room charges, medical bills etc. will be covered.
  • Prior medical tests/checkups are not required either for the individual and the dependents, even though the dependents are senior citizens.
  • Maternity services are included
  • A newborn baby will be included in the policy immediately
  • Lower premium rates
  • No chance of missing premiums as it would directly credit to your policy account.
  • Few insurance companies provide more benefits like discounts on selected health clubs, quitting smoking benefits and much more.

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Companies offering Group Health Insurance in UAE:

Here’s a list of a few companies providing group health insurance in UAE- 

Daman Health Insurance

Daman Health insurance provides group health insurance with various exclusive benefits like-

  • Covers treatments like lasik/laser, vaccinations, infertility treatments etc. apart from the basic medical treatments
  • Can avail international assistance and second opinions from other medical organizations if required.
  • Coverage of 150,000 AED is provided
  • Minimum salary of AED 4000 or below can avail this

MetLife Health Insurance

Benefits of MetLife Group Health Insurance-

  • Covers dental treatments bills, maternity, optical coverage and much more
  • Can avail in-patients and out-patients benefits
  • Minimum salary of AED 4000 or less is required

Takaful Emarat Insurance

  • Provides death coverage to the family
  • Critical illness, terminal illness, temporary/permanent disabilities and much more are covered
  • Follows sharia-compliant guidelines
  • Worldwide coverage

Dubai National Insurance

  • Cover of AED 500,000 will be provided to each and every individual attached
  • Can customize the policy
  • Can avail benefits anywhere in the world(excluding the USA and Canada)
  • Covers inpatient, outpatient, and additional benefits like maternity, dental and routine annual checkup.

Oman Insurance Company

  • Covers all the medical and surgical expenses
  • Provides an exclusive wellness program for the policyholders
  • Free life cover of AED 50,000 will be included

RAK Insurance

  • Coverage for inpatient, outpatient, and additional benefits like maternity, dental and routine annual checkup is provided
  • Can avail anytime, anywhere under any emergency situations

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These are the few insurance companies in UAE which provide Group Health Insurance for the companies in UAE, be it small scale or large scale. There are huge benefits of a group health insurance for everyone, right from the provider to the consumer. All the benefits would not only attract a new worker to join the organization but also motivates the previous employees. 

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