UAE Government always works for the people right from levying VAT on fizzy drinks and tobacco-based products to the mandatory medical insurance policies.

Abu Dhabi government has launched a medical insurance policy called Thiqa meaning “Trust” in Arabic. Thiqa is handled by Daman health insurance company on behalf of the Abu Dhabi government. The main intention behind thiqa was to provide medical insurance facilities to everyone in Abu Dhabi for less co-payments. This provides full medical coverage to the UAE Nationals in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the affordable health insurance policies in UAE

Eligibility for Thiqa 

Thiqa provides a facility of claiming the policy in any hospital anywhere and at anytime globally. A UAE National of age 18-75 yrs can claim for Thiqa. Every individual holding an Emirates ID is eligible. After providing the required documents, the respective officials will conduct a special screening test for the individuals claiming for the policy. This screening test is known as Weqaya which means “Prevention” in Arabic. This is performed in order check for cardiac risks involved if any. It involves a questionnaire session along with some medical tests.

Emirates ID and Thiqa card 

An Emirates ID plays an important role in this medical cover. Previously the individuals claiming for thiqa used to get a card known as thiqa card. Since November 2017 the officials have stopped providing physical cards instead embedded the data on the Emirates ID. An individual need not carry the thiqa card for claiming the benefits of thiqa medical cover.

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Thiqa app 

In order to claim the cover at any hospital, the policyholders need to provide their Emirates ID and should have Thiqa app installed on their phones. The policyholder can register into the app using the policy number. This app will have all the important details like Emirates ID, cover details, plans and benefits, and much more which can come handy under emergency situations.

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Documents required

The documents required for purchasing thiqa are

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport  
  • Genuine Family book
  • Passport size photos


A copayment is a small amount of the medical bill paid to the insurance company by the policyholder. Earlier the policyholders had to bear 20% of the total medical bills. In 2017, the authorities have reduced it to 10%. Currently, the policyholder needs to pay just 10% of the medical bills.

Benefits of Thiqa

  • The policyholder will get complete details of the medical cover while claiming the policy and can all the details like providers i.e hospitals, clinics etc in the app too.
  • All the data given will be confidential
  • Can claim services anytime and anywhere globally
  • Co-payment of just 10% on the medical bills to be made
  • Dental services are also included in the policy

How to apply for Thiqa?

There are Weqaya screening test centers all over Abu Dhabi. Several hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi provide the test facility. Visit the official website of thiqa and find the nearest center. Take along the documents required and get your tests done.

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