About 95% of the UAE’s population knows the importance of a health insurance. But not even half of them are having a health insurance. Around 37% of them are availing employer-provided insurance the rest are paying their medical bills from their pockets. This shows that more than 45% of the population is not prepared for what’s going to come lately. We cannot be sure to be fit and healthy, every day. One should be prepared for anything, anytime. Health is something that is too important for everyone and most of them neglect it on just a few simple reasons, for example, average monthly income.

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But there are many insurance companies and banks providing health insurance for the people whose salary is less than AED 5000.

Daman Health Insurance

Daman has Abu Dhabi Basic plan for the salary below AED 5000 with various coverage benefits.

      • Minimum monthly premium of AED 600
      • Covers most of the medical bills.
      • Can avail medical emergency all around the UAE
      • Salary Certificate is mandatory.
      • Flexible premium payments duration.
      • Covers all the major illness

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RAK Health Insurance

      • Minimum monthly premium of AED 499
      • Provides cover up to AED 50,000 annually
      • Pre-existing diseases will be covered in the case of medical emergencies.  
      • Can avail medical emergency all around the UAE
      • Can convert to a joint policy if required

Dubai First Health Insurance

Dubai First provides the cheapest health insurance option of all time

      • Monthly premium of AED 96
      • Provides cover of up to AED 100,000
      • Can avail medical emergency all around the UAE
      • Pre-existing diseases will also be covered
      • Premium payment durations are flexible
      • Covers all the major diseases

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Emirates NBD Futura

      • Lowest monthly premium
      • Provides cover up to 1 million USD
      • Can avail single policy or joint policy
      • Can pay premium at once monthly or annually
      • Covers all the major bills

Oman Health Insurance

      • Monthly premium of AED 550
      • Covers up to AED 150,000 per annum
      • Can avail cover benefits all over UAE under emergency cases
      • Covers pre-existing diseases
      • Joint insurance facility is available
      • Provides cover for newborn

RAKBank Health Insurance

      • Lowest monthly premium
      • Covers most of the medical expenses  
      • Covers all the major illness
      • Can convert it to a joint policy if needed
      • Premiums can be paid monthly/3 months/ 6 months or annually
      • Prior medical tests are not required
      • Can get a RAKBank titanium credit card for free.

Apart from these, there are even more companies which are known for providing the best and affordable health insurance policies in UAE. It is totally upon the individual to select a right policy which will be totally useful at the time of need. Health insurance is equally important as a healthcare. No one knows what is going to come next, everyone should be well prepared to go through every circumstance. It is always better to protect and have peace of mind.

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