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Last Updated on 01 April 2020
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About the Bank

Al Hilal Bank was launched in 2007. It’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi (UAE). It provides a wide range of its financial products & services to the individual & corporate companies. In 2019, Al Hilal Bank has merged with ADCB bank. There are 72 branches & 450 ATMs across the UAE. You can also use ADCB ATMs for cash withdrawals without any charges.

Banking Products and Services

Al Hilal  Bank provides you variant features with its financial products like- account, credit cards, debit cards, loans, accounts etc . Let’s explore its all financial products & services here -

Products of Al Hilal Bank


Current Account

Saving Account

Salary Transfer Account

Wakala Deposit

Term Deposit

Debit Card




Credit Card

Al Hilal Bank Etihad Guest Credit Card

World Elite Mastercard

World Mastercard


Personal Finance

Auto Finance

Home Finance


Affluent banking

Popular Products & Services

Al Hilal bank offers many types of financial products & services across the UAE. It includes credit & debit cards, loans, bank accounts etc. Let’s have a look at its flagship products -

Credit Cards:

This bank offers various credit cards like - Al Hilal Bank Smart Covered Card-Free for Life Platinum, Al Hilal Bank LAHA Platinum Card according to the customer needs. Using these credit cards, customers can avail discounts on restaurants, shopping, easy payment plans, cash on cards & many more with an annual fee range from AED 0 - AED 2.5k. Visit Al Hilal Bank Credit Card page for more details.

Loans & Mortgages: This bank offers you a variety of finance options for expatriates & UAE nationals which help you to meet your personal needs some of them like - Personal loan, Home loan, Car loan on very low-interest rates with AED 7,000 minimum salary. You can also calculate its EMIs with Loan Calculator.

Bank Accounts: Al Hilal bank offers to the customers various types of bank accounts where its customers can keep the money according to their purpose securely. It provides Saving Account, Current Account, Deposit Account, Islamic Account etc

Credit Card Offers

This bank offers various discounts, deals, cashback, easy payment plan on booking hotels, dining, travel, shopping etc. To unlock the latest deals visit Al Hilal Bank Credit Card Offers page.

Awards & Achievements


Award Name

Award by


Human Resources & Emiratisation award

Human Resources and Emiratisation


Call Center of Excellence award


Customer Support

The bank provides customer support 24/7 to the customers. You can do direct contact with the bank via call or email on +97126356020 and You can check Al Hilal bank Customer Service Contact page for more details.

CEO: Abdul Shakeel

Chairman: Alaa Eraiqat

Founded Year: 2007

Head Quarters: Abu Dhabi

No.of Employees: 1500

Total Assets: AED 43.6 Million

Net Profit: AED 0.10 Million


Savings Account Savings Account
Home Loan Home Loan
Car Loan Car Loan
Credit Card Credit Card
Personal Loan Personal Loan
Current Account Current Account
Deposit Account Deposit Account
Islamic Account Islamic Account

Savings Account Provided by Al Hilal Bank

Basic Savings Account

Interest Rate


Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


Relationship Manager


Currency Account



Interest Rate


Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


Relationship Manager


Currency Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tax Registration Number of Al Hilal Bank?

A. Tax Registration Number of Al Hilal Bank is 100021263700003.

Q. How much will we have to pay for AHB World Elite Mastercard credit card’s annual fee?

A. AHB has 2 World Elite Mastercard credit cards. There is no annual fee for card 1 & you will have to pay AED 2,500 for card 2.

Q. How many Joud Reward points do we get on spends?

A. One can get 8.5 points on spending AED 4 for domestic retails & 13.5 points on spending every AED 4 for international retail.

Q. How many airport lounges does one get free access to?

A. With Al Hilal Bank World Elite Mastercard Credit Card one can get access to more than 850 airport lounges in 400+ cities around the world.

Q. What are the charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance in the savings account?

A. There is no fall below fee charged on the savings account.

Q. Can I open savings account through Al Hilal Ahlan app?

A. Yes. You can open savings account through Ahlan app.

Q. Are there any charges levied on opening account through the Ahlan app?

A. No. There are no charges levied on opening account through the Ahlan app.

Latest Updates About Al Hilal Bank

Al Hilal bank launches Ahlan

02 May 2019

Al Hilal bank announced the launch of Ahlan which is a new mobile application for the users to open the bank account instantly. 

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